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FAA issues flight advisories for political conventionsFAA issues flight advisories for political conventions

Pilots who fly in the Denver and Minneapolis areas need to plan ahead for airspace restrictions relating to the upcoming Democratic and Republican national conventions.

The FAA is advising pilots that it expects to issue presidential-like temporary flight restrictions (TFRs) around the convention sites while the conventions are in session. Those TFRs will likely cover a 30-nautical-mile radius and include a 10-nm GA no-fly zone from the surface to Flight Level 180. At night, when the conventions are not in session, the TFRs can be expected to shrink to two or three nautical miles. A TFR for President Bush’s planned visit to the Republican National Convention is likely to simply overlay the TFR already proposed for the event.

The Democratic National Convention is slated for Aug. 25 through 28 in Denver. The Republican Convention will be Sept. 1 through 4 in Minneapolis, and a gateway airport procedure will be in place for arrival into some area airports.

Download the FAA’s advisories for the Democratic and Republican conventions.

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