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New Bendix/King display systems due out soonNew Bendix/King display systems due out soon

Continuing its plan to leverage the storied Bendix/King brand, Honeywell this week announced further details of its new primary flight display and multifunction display meant for aftermarket installation in lighter GA airplanes.

The Bendix/King KFD 840 PFD includes an integrated air data and heading reference system. The system displays attitude and HSI navigation information on an 8.4-inch LCD. The PFD interfaces with most popular nav and autopilot systems and includes checklist and weight and balance utilities. Honeywell expects to begin delivering units late this year with an anticipated price of $16,995. A backup battery system is an option. A synthetic vision software upgrade is expected in the future.

The 5.7-inch KSN 770 integrated MFD is on a slightly longer development path, with deliveries planned for first quarter 2009. Test flights are to begin in July. The KSN 770 includes a VHF nav/com as well as WAAS and LPV capabilities. It will interface with existing enhanced ground proximity warning systems. Users have the option of adding an integrated terrain warning system as well as chart and map interfaces and an airborne radar interface. The company plans to add an engine alerting and trend monitoring system in the future. The MFD will be priced at $13,995.

Both products share features and technology with Honeywell’s high-end business jet and airliner systems.

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