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Lycoming to offer LSA engineLycoming to offer LSA engine

Lycoming is entering the light sport aircraft (LSA) arena. At Oshkosh the company unveiled a new fuel-injected engine, a derivative of a model well known to general aviation.

Dubbed the IO-233-LSA, the four-cylinder engine produces 100 hp at 2,400 rpm and has a 2,400-hour TBO. The engine is rooted in the familiar 235-model line, but the company took several steps to save weight with lighter parts.

The engine has a dry weight of 200 to 210 pounds and burns 5.25 gph at 75 percent power. It comes standard with dual electronic spark ignition, throttle body fuel injection, and a lightweight starter and alternator. It can run on ethanol-free unleaded fuel.

Lycoming expects to bring the engine to market next year under the ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials) standards that govern the LSA industry. It did not announce a firm price.

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