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Featured story: Harrison Ford’s alter ego Adventure. Challenge.

Featured story: Harrison Ford’s alter ego

Adventure. Challenge. A passion for flying and acting. In two words: Harrison Ford. But, did you know his favorite movie character is none other than action hero and archeologist Indiana Jones? After almost 20 years Ford has dusted off Jones’ whip in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Catch a glimpse of Ford’s...err, Jones’ adventure. And yes, there are airplanes involved.

Featured story: The Candy Bomber

People wouldn’t believe Gail Halvorsen’s “Little Vittles” project dropped more than 20 tons of candy during the Berlin airlift. See the delivery above West Berlin during the late 1940s.

Featured story: Taking on a mission

It takes a special person to become a missionary. But it takes extraordinary power to forgive those responsible for the deaths of their loved ones.

Steve Saint, the son of a missionary pilot slain by the indigenous Waodani tribe in the Amazon basin in January 1956, narrates the film End of the Spear, which portrays the lives and deaths of Saint’s father and colleagues, and his subsequent involvement with the tribe. Read the rest of the story and view flying footage from the film.

Survey online: How to boost the pilot population?

We’re counting on you! Share your creative ideas to get more people interested in flying.

Online exclusives

AOPA Pilot’s “Reporting Points” blog. You didn’t know, did you, that our own editors have jumped aboard the blog train? It’s a bit scary, really, to give magazine writers blank space in this cyber world’s black hole. What would they spout?

Al Marsh appeals, “Someone, anyone, fly to the Dominican Republic”; Dave Hirschman and Paul Richfield compare GA versus airline travel in “The easy way vs. the hard way”; Tom Haines finds “An avgas bargain”; Ian Twombly contemplates “Fun, fun, fun,” flying; and Mike Collins finds crab cakes in a crosswind—“One that didn’t work.” Now the big question: What do you think? Don’t let the writers do all the writing. Share your ideas and comments.

Air Safety eJournal: When your world rolls over

“Roger, say your souls and fuel on board,” was the sobering ATC response after the pilot declared an emergency during a vacuum failure in the clouds. Listen to the “Real Pilot Story,” read Bruce Landsberg’s article, and post your comments.

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