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Boyer again asks McCain for resolution of MAC nominationBoyer again asks McCain for resolution of MAC nomination

Boyer again asks McCain for resolution of MAC nomination

In a September 5 letter to Senate Commerce Committee Chairman John McCain, AOPA President Phil Boyer has asked once again for a resolution of his nomination to the FAA Management Advisory Council (MAC). Back in July, when Boyer responded to a second set of questions from Sen. McCain, Boyer asked for a "timely disposition" of his nomination. Sen. McCain never responded. Meanwhile, McCain's committee sent the names of the rest of the MAC nominees to the full Senate, which has confirmed them all. In his latest letter to Sen. McCain, Boyer wrote, "I believe that the FAA is at a crossroads due largely to the management reforms granted by the Congress. These reforms, along with the historic funding levels provided through the passage of AIR-21, offer an unprecedented opportunity to continue the inroads that have been made toward a modern FAA. My broad background in aviation, management, union negotiations, work rules, and technology is tailor-made for this position, and I am pleased to think that I may have the opportunity to serve my country in the field of my expertise.... I look forward to learning the status of my nomination to the MAC now that Congress is back in session."


September 5, 2000

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