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Membership soars in Air Safety Foundation Life Associate programMembership soars in Air Safety Foundation Life Associate program

Membership soars in Air Safety Foundation Life Associate program

The AOPA Air Safety Foundation "Life Associate" program has welcomed more than 200 members in its first year, generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal endowment funds for the foundation's safety programs.

"Everyone says they support aviation safety," said Robert Milanchus, ASF vice president for foundation development, "but more than 200 people have already put their money to the task. Their Life Associate endowments help ensure that continuing pilot education programs go on uninterrupted."

The $2,500 designated endowment gift from each ASF Life Associate creates an entry-level personal endowment fund that yields $100 per year for ASF safety programs. Donors receive a one-time federal tax deduction of $2,000, lifetime payment of AOPA membership dues, and recognition in ASF's annual Report to Donors.

ASF Life Associates also receive a special ID card and distinctive lapel pin.

Last year, free ASF safety programs reached 32,502 pilots. Some 11,500 more used ASF's novel "Seminar-in-a-Box" materials to update and refresh their aviation knowledge. In addition, ASF distributed more than a quarter million free Safety Advisors.

ASF also helped some 7,500 flight instructors renew their teaching privileges at 126 local ASF Flight Instructor Refresher Clinics.

The AOPA Air Safety Foundation is a nonprofit organization. Less than 10 percent of its operating budget comes from AOPA members' voluntary $1 contribution from their $39 annual AOPA dues.

"We depend heavily on individual gifts, such as the new Life Associate endowments, to fund our research, education, and training programs," said ASF's Milanchus.

More information on the ASF Life Associate program can be obtained on the Web, or by calling ASF's Milanchus at 301/695-2078 .

AOPA provides facilities for the Air Safety Foundation at AOPA headquarters on the Frederick (Maryland) Municipal Airport north of Washington, D.C.


September 1, 2000

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