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Aerial military training to take place near IndianapolisAerial military training to take place near Indianapolis

As part of regular training, the Marine Corps will be conducting realistic urban training in the Indianapolis area from June 6 through 18. Even though the Marine Corps will be coordinating closely with Indianapolis Center, pilots should be extra vigilant because low-level helicopter and medium- and high-level fixed-wing operations will take place outside military operations areas and restricted areas. “We’re working with the FAA and Marine Corps to alert pilots of this training exercise to ensure safety of flight,” said Pete Lehmann, manager of air traffic services. “The Marine Corps is also sending information directly to all local governments, airports, and FBOs.” For dates, times, and locations of the training, along with a graphical depiction of the training areas on a sectional chart, download the Marine Corps brief. (Note: This is a large file and could take a while to download).

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