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WSI intros new Avidyne datalink wxWSI intros new Avidyne datalink wx

WSI Corporation has announced new international weather content for Avidyne’s MLB700 and MLX770 datalink receivers. This makes Avidyne’s Entegra Max package of weather services one of the most comprehensive in the market.

In a Nov. 6 news conference, WSI said that Canadian and Bahamian radar imagery will be added to the SIRIUS satellite feed to the MLB700 broadcast datalink receiver. The MLX770 will be able to access global METARs, TAFs, lightning, and winds and temperatures aloft, as well as enhanced regional weather radar imagery, including Europe and Australia. The new services will give users of MLX770 receivers on international flights the kind of datalink weather previously available only in the continental United States.

WSI’s InFlight weather data feed provides non-stop information to portable and panel-mounted displays. Aircraft must be equipped with the WSI InFlight antenna and a compatible receiver, such the new Avidyne units. Information includes high-quality radar mosaic views, WSI NOWrad radar summary charts with storm cell heights, as well as cell speed and movement. In addition, lightning data from the United States Precision Lightning Network (USPLN) is provided. WSI also delivers surface analysis charts, freezing levels, TFRs, Airmets, Sigmets, and graphical and textaual METARs to the cockpit.

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