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AOPA seeks member support to oppose two-lock ruleAOPA seeks member support to oppose two-lock rule

AOPA seeks member support to oppose two-lock rule

By AOPA ePublishing staff

There are no laws requiring you to lock up your car, your RV, or, in many states, your guns. But lawmakers in Pennsylvania want to require not one, but two, locks for all general aviation aircraft and create criminal penalties for failing to use them—a move AOPA strongly opposes.

In a March 5 letter to the House Transportation Committee, AOPA reminded lawmakers that the federal government has determined that GA is not a threat and that GA aircraft are infrequently stolen.

AOPA also has contacted members in key districts, asking them to urge their state representatives to oppose the measure. AOPA will testify against the draft bill during a planned March 11 hearing.

“Criminalizing failure to lock your aircraft is an outrageous overreaction to security concerns,” said AOPA Vice President of Regional Affairs Greg Pecoraro. “This level of government intrusion is unacceptable and far exceeds the legitimate needs of general aviation security.”

AOPA and the federal Transportation Security Administration have partnered to promote GA security using the “Lock up, Look Out” message of the Airport Watch program. The program strongly recommends, but does not mandate, that pilots lock their aircraft.

March 6, 2008

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