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Bridge no longer a threat to Kansas City airportBridge no longer a threat to Kansas City airport

Bridge no longer a threat to Kansas City airport

Proposed construction of the New Paseo Bridge has been put on hold indefinitely since the Missouri Department of Transportation (MDOT) rescinded its application for an obstruction evaluation. Twice AOPA had formally expressed its safety-related concerns with the proposed bridge, which would have forced all traffic pattern operations to the west side of the airport. The association also had asked the FAA to determine the proposed bridge a hazard to air navigation. Such a ruling would have prevented MDOT from moving forward with the bridge construction had it continued to pursue the development. “We’ll continue to monitor the issue to make sure these concerns are addressed in any applications for the bridge’s construction or other nearby projects,” said Heidi Williams, AOPA senior director of airports.

May 2, 2008

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