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New IFR flight plan forms required for large airportsNew IFR flight plan forms required for large airports

If you plan to file an instrument flight plan and receive a clearance to use RNAV standard instrument departures and standard terminal arrival routes (SIDs/STARs) after June 29, you’ll need to use the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) form.

“SIDs and STARs typically are associated with the largest air carrier airports,” said Melissa Rudinger, AOPA vice president of regulatory affairs. “Most AOPA members will not be affected by this change.”

Pilots also need to file the ICAO flight plan for flights above Flight Level 180 that will use point-to-point navigation. Those flying VFR or flying IFR using charted RNAV routes can still use the FAA’s domestic flight plan form.

Pilots who file over the phone with FSS can simply provide the same information as in the past, but the briefer will use the ICAO form and may ask for additional information on the avionics in your aircraft.

Those who use DUAT/DUATS to file online will have to select which form to use. The ICAO form must be used to receive automatic assignments for RNAV SIDs and STARS and point-to-point navigation. In-depth explanations of how to fill out each section of the ICAO form are available from DUAT/DUATs.

For more information, see the FAA’s Web site and AOPA’s air traffic services brief.

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