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TFRs still in effect for McCain, ObamaTFRs still in effect for McCain, Obama

The FAA has issued small temporary flight restrictions (TFRs) for president-elect Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain which will continue until Thursday, Nov. 6.

The first TFRs for each candidate will go into effect at 8 a.m. local on Nov. 4 in Chicago and Phoenix.

Three 2-nautical-mile-radius TFRs extending from the surface up to 2,999 feet agl near Chicago Midway International will be in effect from Nov. 4 through 6 for Obama.

McCain will have two TFRs near Phoenix Deer Valley Airport, which also will cover a 2-nm-radius area and extend up to 2,999 feet agl. The TFRs will be in effect from Nov. 4 through 6.

See AOPA’s Security Notams and TFRs Locator page for specific TFR times and locations.

AOPA strongly encourages pilots to obtain a briefing and check notams before every flight. TFR violators will be intercepted and forced to land.

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