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Left out in the coldLeft out in the cold

Winter FlyingThose of you in colder climates may be having trouble getting out from under the covers, never mind to the airport, at this chilly time of year. But lest those of you who live under sunnier skies feel too smug, remember that cooler weather brings special challenges, even if snow never falls on your airport. Frost can form on your aircraft’s wings, cloud encounters may come with icing, and carburetor ice can catch you unawares.

Be prepared for the special requirements, and joys, of winter flying. Check out the “Winter Flying” subject report from the AOPA Pilot Information Center for dozens of useful tips to make your winter flights safe and enjoyable, no matter where you live.

Then visit the AOPA Air Safety Foundation’s Safety Hotspot on winter weather and hear a pilot's firsthand account of a harrowing ice encounter in the “Iceman” Real Pilot Story.

Still have questions or concerns? Get answers from the experts in the Pilot Information Center at 800/USA-AOPA.

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