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Diamond offers 'economic stimulus package'Diamond offers 'economic stimulus package'

Diamond DA40With news of layoffs and production slowdowns dominating the general aviation industry, Diamond Aircraft has taken a different approach, using the down economy to try to sell airplanes.

On Nov. 17, Diamond launched its so-called economic stimulus package, dubbed “ Fly for Free.”

Now, you can’t really fly for free, but the company is offering incentives to help cut ownership and operating costs for those who buy and take delivery of a new DA40 XLS or DA40 CS between Nov. 17 and Dec. 31. Incentives include free maintenance, insurance, fuel, and flight training for the first year. But, as always, there are stipulations.

The free maintenance includes parts and labor for all scheduled maintenance for one year or 125 hours, whichever comes first. The insurance credit extends up to $3,500, and the fuel card is good for $5,000. The free flight training comes from a $2,000 credit and is intended to help with the cost of transitioning to the aircraft or obtaining a new certificate or rating.

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