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Van Nuys Noise reduction plan flawed, AOPA warnsVan Nuys Noise reduction plan flawed, AOPA warns

A plan to set restrictions on the types of aircraft using Van Nuys Municipal will only shift operations from one community to another, AOPA told Los Angeles World Airports, which operates several airports in Southern California.

In a Nov. 17 letter responding to the proposed aircraft limitations, AOPA pointed out that adjacent airports, including Bob Hope, Los Angeles International, Camarillo, Chino, and William J. Fox Airfield, would be forced to absorb the impact of additional operations. That approach of shifting the burden should be sufficient reason for the FAA to reject the plan, AOPA wrote.

Another potential problem is the damage restrictions could cause to the local economy. Allowing such restrictions at the nation’s busiest general aviation airport would open the way for other airports to follow suit, ultimately leading to the closure of numerous airport businesses in Southern California, AOPA warned.

“Moving aircraft operations from one community to another airport nearby benefits no one,” said Heidi Williams, AOPA senior director of airports. “Mandatory retirement of some aircraft, and improved quiet aircraft technology will change the fleet dramatically in the next decade. In the meantime, unnecessary restrictions that place burdens on other communities will only decrease the accessibility of general aviation to those who rely on it for vital public services. So this is one time when no action may be the best response.”

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