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Epilot (14)Epilot (14)

Volume 10, Issue 47 — November 21, 2008

In This Issue:
Mixed reviews on GA international travel rule
International rookies eye Red Bull Air Race title
Fraud probe changes medical form

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Today's Top Stories

GA international travel rule debuts with mixed reviews

Customs and Border Protection officials listened, in part, to general aviation pilots' concerns regarding the agency's proposal for advance information on private aircraft arriving and departing the United States. In its final rule, the agency mitigated some of the concerns that were raised, but it still imposes new security requirements. The final rule requires that flight information and passenger manifests for aircraft arriving and departing the United States be filed online, but the agency will work to accommodate pilots in remote locations without Internet access. Read more >>

Chertoff hears pilots' top security concern

AOPA members don't mind letting Customs and Border Protection officials know when they are planning a border-crossing flight, but they need reasonable options in order to comply, AOPA Executive Vice President of Government Affairs Andy Cebula told Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff. Cebula made his comment following Chertoff's Nov. 17 speech on general aviation security at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Read more >>

Obama transportation transition team in place

President-elect Barack Obama's Department of Transportation transition team will be developing policy documents and information on positions of interest to the new administration, which will be important as selections are made for secretary of the departments of transportation and homeland security and for FAA administrator. AOPA will keep you up to date on the transition and what the key cabinet selections mean to GA. Read more >>

GA News

Executive order supports ATC modernization

President Bush has issued an executive order in support of efforts to modernize the nation's air traffic control system and reduce air traffic congestion through the Next Generation Air Transportation System, commonly called NextGen. It is unclear what the order, or the NextGen program, will really mean for aviation. "AOPA is positioned to work with the incoming administration to define what NextGen really means and determine how to implement it in a way that delivers real benefits to GA," said AOPA President Phil Boyer. Read more >>

Lockheed to focus on 'flight service experience'

When Lockheed Martin began modernizing the flight service system in early 2007, pilots experienced an array of issues, including lost flight plans and long hold times. But for most of 2008, Lockheed has met its performance standards for briefers to answer phone calls within 20 seconds, answer radio calls within five seconds, and file flight plans within three minutes. In addition, Lockheed Martin indicates that it is emphasizing the quality of the briefings and expanding the knowledge base of its briefers. Read more >>

Major win promises millions for embattled airport

In a 4-1 vote, the Oceanside, Calif., City Council has approved a 50-year "development lease" by Airport Property Ventures. The Los Angeles-based company, which includes former executives of the agency that runs Los Angeles International Airport, has promised to spend $21 million on airport improvements over the next 25 years. Read more >>

International rookies eye Red Bull Air Race title

Photo Credit: Red Bull Air Race/Joerg Mitter

Four rookie pilots, one only 24 years old, will join the ranks of those competing for the Red Bull Air Race World Championship title in 2009. The youngest of the new pilots, Canada's Pete McLeod, says his goal is to win the title before he is 30. Also joining the air race circuit are Japan's Yoshihide Muroya, the first Red Bull competitor from Asia; Matt Hall, Australia's first contender for the title; and Matthias Dolderer of Germany. Read more >>

Eclipse meets its payroll

Eclipse Aircraft paid employees this week after failing to meet its payroll obligations on Nov. 13, and very light jet production is continuing at the company's Albuquerque, N.M., plant. Read more >>

Colorado Eclipse jet owner watches, awaits fate of company

Pilot Marc Arnold was one of the first to order an Eclipse 500 jet almost 10 years ago. He's put about 100 hours on the jet since he took delivery of it in March, but now he's caught in the economic turmoil surrounding the company. Read more in "Colorado pilot stuck between a jet and a hard place" on

Diamond offers 'economic stimulus package'

With news of layoffs and production slowdowns dominating the general aviation industry, Diamond Aircraft has taken a different approach, using the down economy to try to sell airplanes. On Nov. 17, Diamond launched its so-called economic stimulus package, dubbed "Fly for Free." Now, you can't really fly for free, but the company is offering incentives to help cut ownership and operating costs. Read more >>

Stick and Rudder Flying Club turns 60

AOPA President Phil Boyer made a special trip to give the keynote address at the Stick and Rudder Flying Club's sixtieth anniversary celebration at Waukegan Regional Airport in Illinois on Nov. 15, but the group ended up giving him a special honor. Club President Kenneth Jeep presented Boyer with a special lifetime membership award for his service to general aviation. The flying club was established by Tom Booth in October 1948; flights cost $3 per hour, and membership cost $30 plus monthly $2 dues. Read more >>

Avidyne brings satellite weather to international customers

Satellite weather has become essential equipment for many U.S. pilots—and Avidyne's MLX770 two-way datalink transceiver is meant to deliver similar capabilities overseas. Avidyne announced that it has received U.S. and European regulatory approval to install its Iridium-based transceivers in about 700 general aviation aircraft ranging from piston singles to pressurized turboprops. Read more >>

Pilots bring toys to needy children

Pilots across the country are doing their part to bring holiday cheer to needy children, and they're inviting you to join them. Barnes-Westfield Airport in Westfield, Mass., is holding its Sixth Annual Toys for Tots Fly-In on Dec. 6. Pilots who bring an unwrapped toy will get a 20-cent-per-gallon fuel discount and 20 percent off a meal at the Runway Restaurant. For those a little further south, the Virginia Chapter of the Ninety-Nines is hosting a toy airlift. Pilots are encouraged to put donation boxes at their airports. Volunteers will then fly all the new toys to Chesterfield County Airport on Dec. 13, where they will be collected by the National Guard for distribution to the families of military personnel and wounded veterans. Want to spread the word about toy lifts in your area? Got an idea for how you can use your airplane to spread holiday cheer? E-mail the details to [email protected].

FAA extends parachute packing interval

Pilots who use parachutes for various flight operations will need to have them repacked a little less often under a final rule issued by the FAA on Nov. 19. Under the new rule, which AOPA supported, parachutes with canopies, shrouds, and harnesses made of nylon, rayon, or other synthetic material will need to be repacked every 180 days, instead of the current 120 days. The decision to lengthen the interval was based on data from the parachute industry and will reduce the cost of maintaining a parachute by eliminating one packing interval each year. The new rule takes effect Dec. 19.

Frugal flier

In an ongoing effort to stretch more flying out of our aviation dollars, AOPA is seeking your tips on frugal flying. Have you found creative ways to operate your aircraft more efficiently? Better manage maintenance, training, hangar, or insurance costs? Or buy aviation-related goods in bulk or at lower prices? Share your experiences with fellow members in print and online.

AOPA's Good As New 172 training pilots in Miami

Ever wonder where AOPA's sweepstakes airplanes end up a few years after the giveaway? AOPA Pilot Senior Editor Alton K. Marsh found the association's 1993 sweepstakes airplane being put to use as a flight school trainer at Kendall-Tamiami Executive Airport in Kendall, Fla. Read more in his latest blog entry. Learn about AOPA's past sweepstakes airplanes in "The Lucky Ones" in the March 2008 AOPA Pilot.


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Safety & Proficiency

Fraud investigation sparks changes on medical form

You've already heard about changes to the way the FAA asks aviation medical applicants about their driving records, but new medical application forms arriving at your AME's office also feature new questions and terms. Read more >>

Scud running leads to tower strike

As Thanksgiving approaches, many pilots are planning to fly to see family for the holiday. The pressure to get there and then return home on schedule can be strong, but it shouldn't compel pilots to exercise poor judgment. Flying home on Thanksgiving weekend in 2005, the VFR-only pilot of a Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee attempted to scud run below a 900-foot ceiling. The relatively flat Nebraska terrain was forgiving, but the 1,000-foot agl radio tower in his path was not. The collision sheared off both wings. Read more in this special report from the AOPA Air Safety Foundation.

Verify, verify, verify

On the night of Sept. 19, a runway incursion resulted in a near-collision on Runway 6 at the Lehigh Valley International Airport in Allentown, Pa. Mesa Air Shuttle flight 7138, a Canadair CRJ aborted takeoff at 120 knots skidding around a Cessna R172K that had just landed and was still taxiing on the runway. AOPA Air Safety Foundation Executive Director Bruce Landsberg points out some lessons that can be learned from the close call in his latest blog entry.


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Spread the joy of flight with aviation-themed holiday cards

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