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Air Safety Foundation and Jeppesen team to offer CFI Renewal Online programAir Safety Foundation and Jeppesen team to offer CFI Renewal Online program

Air Safety Foundation and Jeppesen team to offer CFI Renewal Online program

Click for larger image The nation's leading providers of flight instructor refresher training—the AOPA Air Safety Foundation and Jeppesen—have joined forces to offer an online flight instructor certificate renewal program. ASF-Jeppesen CFI Renewal Online will "go live" early next year, it was announced at AOPA Expo 2000 in Long Beach, California.

"As the demand for flight training continues to grow, we saw the need to use the latest technology to make it easier and more convenient for flight instructors to renew their certificates," said Bruce Landsberg, ASF executive director.

"For 50 years, ASF has been on the cutting edge of general aviation safety research and education. As we start our second 50 years, we will expand our use of the Internet to give pilots the critical safety information they need."

ASF-Jeppesen CFI Renewal Online uses the Internet to allow instructors to complete their certificate renewal coursework at home, on their own schedule.

FAA regulations require certificated flight instructors (CFIs) to renew their certificates every two years to ensure they are up to date on all of the latest safety information, teaching techniques, and regulations.

The Air Safety Foundation pioneered today's two-day Flight Instructor Refresher Clinic (FIRC). More instructors renew their certificates through ASF FIRCs than any other program. Jeppesen-Sanderson, Inc. is the leading provider of home-study materials for flight instructor certificate renewals.

ASF and Jeppesen have combined the innovative multimedia teaching techniques of ASF's in-person clinics with the superior graphics and information of the Jeppesen home-study program. The result is a powerful and entertaining flight instructor refresher program.

"The ASF-Jeppesen CFI Renewal Online is highly interactive and visually exciting," said Richard Hiner, ASF vice president for training. "We use video, audio, specially created graphics, and other techniques to keep CFIs engaged and participating in the course. This isn't just rote memorization."

The online program uses scenarios to help CFIs integrate information from the course into real-life teaching situations.

"Instructors who complete this course will do more than just renew their certificate. They'll become better teachers, too," said Kevin Collins, Jeppesen executive vice president. "We are delighted to team with ASF in this important undertaking."

Unlike some other home-study programs, help on a course question or problem is just a phone call or e-mail away. The knowledgeable aviation technicians on AOPA's Pilot Information Center will be available to answer any question from a CFI enrolled in the ASF-Jeppesen CFI Renewal Online program.

Jeppesen will also file the flight instructor's certificate renewal paperwork with the FAA and issue a new temporary certificate, all at no extra charge.

The ASF-Jeppesen CFI Renewal Online program will cost $149.

Chartered in 1950, the AOPA Air Safety Foundation is the largest private, nonprofit organization in the United States providing research, safety education, and training to the nation's general aviation pilots.

Jeppesen, a Boeing Company, is recognized as the world's leading supplier of flight information supported by flight planning services, aviation weather services, maintenance information, and pilot training systems.


October 20, 2000

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