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Air Safety Foundation announces corporate giving campaign at AOPA Expo 2000Air Safety Foundation announces corporate giving campaign at AOPA Expo 2000

Air Safety Foundation announces corporate giving campaign at AOPA Expo 2000

The AOPA Air Safety Foundation announced its "Air Safety Foundation Partnering with Corporate America Campaign" during AOPA Expo 2000 in Long Beach, California.

ASF also honored the USAIG Corporation as the first Platinum Corporate Sponsor in the campaign.

"This giving campaign is the corporate world's way of expanding general aviation education and safety through philanthropy," said Robert Milanchus, ASF vice president of development. "And for corporate donors, perhaps the greatest reward is the recognition that they are helping to advance air safety not only for general aviation, but also for the communities at large in which the corporations reside."

Milanchus noted that general aviation benefits many in the corporate world through timesaving, direct-to-destination travel and efficient use of corporate employee time.

ASF, through its ongoing aviation safety research and education programs, is working to improve the safety of all general aviation flying.

"All of aviation, but particularly business and general aviation, must remain one of the safest transportation modes in the world," said Bob Showalter, chairman of Showalter Flying Service, Inc. "ASF deserves our financial support and spends our contributions carefully and effectively."

The Air Safety Foundation Partnering with Corporate America Campaign offers special recognition to those corporations supporting ASF safety programs. Levels of corporate sponsorship range from the "Sponsor Tier" ($2,000) to the "Platinum Tier" ($50,000).

All corporate philanthropy receives appropriate recognition at ASF seminars and in printed brochure materials, in the foundation's annual Report to Donors and in the ASF Annual Report.

Sponsoring corporations receive a professionally framed certificate appropriate for display in a corporate setting and level-specific Air Safety Foundation corporate Waterford Crystal awards.

ASF provides in-person continuing pilot education through free seminars to more than 25,000 pilots annually. New Seminar-in-a-Box® programs and video outreach programs to new private and instrument-rated pilots boost the annual total to over 100,000. One quarter of the nation's CFIs requiring certificate revalidation choose the foundation for their training in a given year.

And ASF has established a highly active and interactive Web site where most publications and information on GA safety topics are available to all pilots free of charge.

The Air Safety Foundation is a nonprofit organization. Less than 10 percent of its operating budget comes from AOPA members' $1 voluntary "check-off" from their $39 annual dues.

"GA today thrives in the safest period of its history," said Milanchus. "If this is to continue, we must aggressively educate and reach out to today's pilots.

"The ASF development department seeks to enhance the foundation's safety programs and educational offerings by encouraging generous support from its friends in corporate America," he concluded.

More information on the Air Safety Foundation Partnering with Corporate America Campaign can be obtained from Robert Milanchus at 301/695-2078 .


October 20, 2000

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