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AOPA's FBO Rebate increased to 5 percent to save members even more moneyAOPA's FBO Rebate increased to 5 percent to save members even more money

AOPA's FBO Rebate increased to 5 percent to save members even more money

The AOPA FBO Rebate Program will nearly double the credit rebate available to those who use an AOPA credit card for eligible aviation purchases at FBOs.

Beginning January 1, 2001, AOPA members who use an AOPA Visa or Mastercard at any qualified FBO can request a 5 percent credit rebate for their eligible FBO purchases.

"The cost of flying is the number-one issue with most pilots," said AOPA President Phil Boyer. "AOPA is the first aviation association to put money back in pilots' pockets, and now we can help pilots save even more."

The AOPA FBO Rebate Program began in August 1997 with a 3 percent rebate. Since then, AOPA members have received more than $4 million in rebate credits on purchases made at qualified FBOs. The average rebate in just one month nearly equals annual $39 AOPA membership dues.

With the improved AOPA 5% FBO Rebate Program, AOPA credit card holders can now earn as much as $250 in credit rebates per year.

Anything purchased with an AOPA credit card from more than 4,500 qualified FBOs across the nation is eligible for the rebate, including aircraft rental, flight instruction, maintenance, pilot supplies, and fuel. (Qualified FBOs must sell fuel and/or rent aircraft. They are listed in AOPA's Airport Directory or online.)

The AOPA FBO Rebate Program is intended for the typical GA pilot flying for business or pleasure under Part 91. The program is funded by MBNA America Bank and not by AOPA, AOPA member dues, or FBOs.

AOPA members need only highlight eligible purchases on their monthly statement and submit it by mail or fax to a special address or fax number at MBNA Bank. The 5 percent rebate then appears as a credit on the cardholder's next monthly statement.

Pilots show their support for general aviation each time they use the AOPA credit card, because the AOPA card also supports general aviation causes.

Every purchase (not just those at FBOs) returns a royalty to AOPA for programs like the Airport Support Network—at no additional cost to the cardholder. That helps keep AOPA dues low and GA strong.

"The AOPA FBO Rebate Program is a win-win for all of aviation," said Boyer. "It helps support our FBOs—crucial to the utility of our airplanes—and it reduces your cost of flying."

AOPA's 360,000 members constitute 55 percent of all active U.S. pilots, some 75 percent of the nation's aircraft owners, and two thirds of active U.S. flight instructors.


October 22, 2000

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