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FAA suspends part of LAX shoreline VFR routeFAA suspends part of LAX shoreline VFR route

FAA suspends part of LAX shoreline VFR route

The FAA on Monday temporarily suspended "Shoreline" VFR transitions west of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) below 3,000 feet. This after two airliners departing LAX to west came too close to VFR traffic using the north-south Shoreline Transition Route. (It appears the VFR aircraft were not at fault.) ATC will continue to allow VFR traffic to use the route above 3,500 feet.

The FAA will form a task force to study the problem for 90 days and look for additional VFR transition routes or ways to reinstate the shoreline altitudes with additional safeguards. AOPA will participate on that task force and push to ensure GA does not lose any access through the Los Angeles Class B airspace. The change should not affect aircraft arriving for AOPA Expo 2000 in Long Beach, California, October 20-22. [See also AOPA's issue brief.]


October 16, 2000

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