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Clifford to install FJ44s on Citation IIsClifford to install FJ44s on Citation IIs

Clifford Development announced on Oct. 6 the completion of a certification program to install Williams International FJ44-3A engines on the Citation II (C550). This is the first certification of new engines for the C550 using FAA certified test pilots.

Certification flight tests document significant speed, range, and direct operating cost improvements with this modification, which is installed under a supplemental type certificate (STC), available for installation at three Clifford service centers. The modification promises a 35-percent reduction in average trip fuel consumption and noise reduction to Stage 4 standards.

In addition to the engine modification, Clifford Development certifies 35 improvements as part of this STC including: an Ametek® digital engine display; heavy duty BFG brakes; new LED annunciator panel; and a dual FADEC system certified to July 2007 standards. With this modification, the typical Citation II’s empty weight will be reduced by 250 lb.

Based on certification flight test data, Clifford reports that the re-engined C550 has significant performance improvements: a 22-minute time-to-climb to FL430 versus the current one-hour and 37-minute step-climb profile; 18-percent increase in max cruise speed and a 59-percent increase in NBAA range with four passengers. The range increase, to 2,192 nautical miles, is almost double the original engineering estimate. The Williams FJ44-3A engines are thermodynamically rated at 3,000 lb (with takeoff flat-rated thrust of 2,820 lb) versus the original engines, which are rated at 2,500 lb.

The C550 engine conversion is priced at $2,295,000 for 2009 installations. This price includes engines, engine core credit, digital engine instrumentation, Clifford Development aircraft improvement package, installation labor, and training.

Clifford’s parallel certification program for installing Williams FJ44-3A engines on the Citation SII (S550) will be complete by the end of October. Certification test flights have been completed, TIA conformity is to be completed this week, and the STC documentation issuance is in process by the FAA.

Clifford Development has appointed Great Lakes Aviation, Kalamazoo, Mich.; Threshold Aviation, Chino, Calif.; and Central Flying Service, Little Rock, Ark., as service centers. Two customer airplanes are near completion at service centers.

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