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Flight Path series gives student pilots a liftFlight Path series gives student pilots a lift

Working on getting your pilot certificate? AOPA has launched a new program to see you through the process, providing helpful information every step of the way and celebrating each important milestone.

The Flight Path series guides students through each stage of development toward a pilot certificate. A series of e-mails contain educational resources and encouraging tips tailored to 24 different stages of a student’s interest in becoming a pilot. From your initial curiosity about flying to your checkride and beyond, you can count on help from AOPA. As you reach five important milestones, you will be eligible for cash prizes from the Flight Path Sweepstakes.

“It will become an inseparable companion as you pursue your goal of being a pilot,” wrote AOPA President Craig Fuller in the kickoff e-mail to the series this month. “The series will help you find your place in the community of pilots as you make new lifelong friends and share your experiences with flight.”

The program provides each participant an online “My Flight Path” page to track individual progress and request any of the 24 e-mails. Student pilots can also set the system to automatically send the e-mails in the series at regular intervals adjusted to keep pace with their training.

As the prospective pilot achieves each of five milestones—first flight in the left seat; obtaining an FAA student pilot medical certificate; first solo flight; passing the FAA knowledge test; and passing the checkride to become an FAA-certificated pilot—he or she is entered to win a cash award in the Flight Path Sweepstakes. The Sweepstakes awards five $1,000 cash awards as first prizes each month for the duration of the program, which lasts through Dec. 31, 2009. It also awards two $100 gift certificates as second prizes from Sporty’s, an AOPA Certified Partner, each month for the duration of the program.

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