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Aviation Summit offers night at the aquariumAviation Summit offers night at the aquarium

aquarium Photo Credit: Wikipedia

After spending the day with your head in the clouds, talking about the latest general aviation issues and participating in educational forums at AOPA’s Aviation Summit, grab your family for a relaxing night at the Florida Aquarium. It’s sure to be a memorable experience for all.

Friday night, Nov. 6, AOPA will host a reception at the Florida Aquarium from 6:30 to 9 p.m. You and your family will have the run of the aquarium, as we’ve booked it exclusively for AOPA Aviation Summit attendees. Enjoy dinner and cocktails inside the aquarium, then join us at the Caribbean Cantina, located just outside the aquarium, for music and dancing.

The aquarium boasts more than 20,000 aquatic plants and animals from around the world (visit the Florida Aquarium website). You can walk through a coral reef gallery, simulating a SCUBA dive to 60 feet below the surface; take a look at the fish in Florida’s bays and beaches; and see ducks, turtles, alligators, river otters, and more. You might be surprised at what you can (or can’t) see right away in the exhibits. According to the website, a “Goliath grouper is more than 300-pounds but can still be missed as he often blends in with his environment like a great motionless statue!”

Swimming with Nurse Sharks © Florida Aquarium rates the Florida Aquarium among the nation's best, offering a uniquely hands-on experience. From penguin petting (Penguin Backstage Pass) to diving with live sharks (for certified SCUBA divers 15 and older), your visit will be one to remember for years to come. Admission is $65 for adults and $30 for children, and includes dinner as well as access to the entire aquarium and the Caribbean Cantina.

Register for AOPA Aviation Summit today (Nov. 5 through 7), and make plans to bring your entire family. We’ll have events for your spouse and children every day—the night at the aquarium is just a start! Stay tuned for more AOPA Aviation Summit family-friendly events.

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