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Get a glimpse inside the towerGet a glimpse inside the tower

If you’ve got a question for ATC but don’t want to ask over the airwaves, come to AOPA Aviation Summit and put a face to the voice on the radio.

Controllers from key facilities in the Tampa area and the Jacksonville Center will be at Summit, which takes place Nov. 5 through 7 in Tampa, Fla., to talk about local airspace and the challenges they face as they guide you through the Southeast. Pose questions to controllers that know the ins and outs of airspace in the area in one of AOPA’s public forums, designed to give you the opportunity to learn about and discuss a variety of topics.

After a successful run at AOPA’s annual conventions in San Jose, Calif., and Hartford, Conn., the ATC forum is back with air traffic controllers from the Tampa Bay area. Other forums at AOPA Aviation Summit provide answers to all your aviation-related questions--including what happens if you run afoul of restricted airspace. In a legal forum, John and Kathy Yodice of Yodice Associates, which provides legal counsel to AOPA, and AOPA panel attorneys from the Tampa area will discuss key enforcement actions you could face from the FAA and how to protect yourself. Learn how to avoid enforcement actions and protect your certificate in today’s complex and frequently changing airspace environment with the AOPA Legal Services Plan.

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