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Protect your medical at SummitProtect your medical at Summit

The FAA processes about 450,000 medical applications each year—but when you walk into the aviation medical examiner’s office, only one of those seems to matter. And if your application is deferred, the wait can be nerve-wracking. Your certificate is at stake.

So find out how a medical condition might impact your flying privileges. Know what conditions you must report. And take your medical certification questions to AOPA Aviation Summit, where a panel of aeromedical experts can address the obstacles that may lie between you and your medical certificate.

Whether you’re applying for your first medical certificate or recertifying after an illness, AOPA’s public forum on medical issues can provide the answers you need. FAA Federal Air Surgeon Dr. Fred Tilton will be there to answer your questions, along with medical certification experts from the FAA, AOPA, and EAA. Ask the panelists about the special issuance process, tips for getting cases cleared as quickly as possible, medications, cancer, kidney stones, or heart disease. Find out more about reporting and treating sleep apnea.

AOPA Director of Medical Certification Gary Crump will moderate the panel, which includes Tilton; Dr. Warren Silberman, manager of the FAA Aerospace Medical Certification Division in Oklahoma City; Dr. Jack Hastings, Senior AME, neurologist, and FAA neurology consultant, and member of EAA Aeromedical Advisory Council; Dr. Ingrid Zimmer-Galler, a retinal ophthalmologist affiliated with Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute; and Dr. Bruce Chien, Senior AME and a member of the AOPA Board of Aviation Medical Advisors.

Register now for AOPA Aviation Summit in Tampa, Fla., Nov. 5 through 7!

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