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AOPA Internet Flight Planner gets an upgradeAOPA Internet Flight Planner gets an upgrade

Version 1.2.1 of the AOPA Internet Flight Planner (AIFP) will soon be released. This update adds an NDB chart overlay, features two new video tips (weather briefing and pan/zoom), and corrects a bug in how the application handles true airspeed calculations during descents from high-altitude routes. New icons also have been added to the application.

Throughout February, AOPA will implement additional upgrades. A known bug that occasionally affects the display of winds in the Navlog is first on the list. AIFP uses the Rapid Update Cycle (RUC) model for winds aloft. RUC, while providing greater accuracy than other forecast models, also has a much larger data footprint, leading to occasional processing delays. If you encounter this bug, try refreshing the Navlog after several minutes. Or you may continue working in other sections, if needed, before returning to the Navlog.

Later this year, we’ll add additional “AOPA Directory” chart overlays. In the meantime, you may notice some new icons on the “Airports along route” overlay. We’ll soon add known skydiving centers, depicted with a parachute symbol in the airport services icon, alerting pilots to potential traffic concerns.

Visit the flight planner to see these changes. We’re eager for your comments. Use the video tips panel (the light bulb icon in the upper right corner) to share them with the development team.

User hint: to maximize the size of the map, press F11 on your keyboard. This is the best way to view and use AIFP.

AOPA Internet Flight Planner version 1.2.1We recognize that AIFP has a steep learning curve. But it's short. Use the video tips, and don't hesitate to to ask for help. Pilot Information Center specialists are standing by to answer your questions (800-USA-AOPA). We think you'll discover, once you are in and using it, that AIFP is a very useful (and powerful) application.

RTFP Retired

AOPA’s Real Time Flight Planner (RTFP) was officially retired on Feb. 9. We will continue to let the application run until it requires maintenance; however, we no longer monitor the validity of its output. RTFP has been a valuable service to AOPA members since 2003, but it has reached the end of its useful life and can no longer be cost-effectively maintained. We encourage you to make the change to AIFP. Please, share your comments with us, so we may continue to build and improve this application until it meets all your flight planning needs.

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