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Lynne Osmus to become acting FAA AdministratorLynne Osmus to become acting FAA Administrator

Lynne A. Osmus to become acting FAA Administrator Lynne A. Osmus

Career FAA executive Lynne A. Osmus will become acting FAA Administrator when the current acting administrator leaves at the end of the Bush administration Jan. 20. Acting FAA Administrator Bobby Sturgell just named Osmus Acting Deputy Administrator on Jan. 6.

“This speaks very well to the transition planning,” said AOPA President Craig Fuller. “Lynne is the FAA’s liaison with the Obama transition team, and she has served as special assistant to former administrator James Busey and chief of staff to administrators David Hinson and Jane Garvey.”

Garvey is advising the Obama team on aviation issues.

Osmus has also been assistant administrator for Security and Hazardous Materials, deputy associate administrator of the FAA’s Civil Aviation Security Program, and director of the FAA’s Europe, Africa, and Middle East Office in Belgium. The 30-year veteran began her career at Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C.

“Few know the FAA better than Lynne,” said Fuller, “and it appears the agency will be in good hands while President-elect Obama and Transportation Secretary-Designate Ray LaHood finalize their selection of an FAA administrator to lead the agency for the next five years.”

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