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AOPA Internet Flight Planner gets an upgradeAOPA Internet Flight Planner gets an upgrade

AIFP V1.2The AOPA-Jeppesen development team has rolled out version 1.2 of the AOPA Internet Flight Planner ( AIFP). The upgraded planner now includes more weather options, uses plain language weather briefings as the default setting, and allows you to format your stored routes for transfer to your compatible GPS device. Pilots who fly near the nation’s capital will also appreciate the ability to enter alpha-numeric strings in the altitude field of the flight plan form, allowing them to file ADIZ flight plans.

AIFP users can expect to see two more upgrades by the end of March. Those changes will add radar and echo-top legends to Chart weather overlays, a route profile view, an electronic ruler, terrain avoidance, and SIDs and STARs.

User feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and system bugs are being fixed as soon as they are discovered. If you have not yet transitioned from AOPA’s Real Time Flight Planner to the new AIFP, we encourage you to make the change as soon as possible. To assist, we have pushed back the Real Time Flight Planner retirement date to Feb. 9. For more information or help with AIFP, contact the AOPA Pilot Information Center at 800/USA-AOPA or through the Video Tips link in the flight planner.

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