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Inauguration restrictions to affect entire Mid-AtlanticInauguration restrictions to affect entire Mid-Atlantic

Pre-inauguration TFR Pre-inaugural TFR.
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Three large TFRs over Philadelphia; Wilmington, Del.; and Baltimore, Md., are scheduled for 9:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. for Jan. 17 pre-inaugural events. Each will have a 10-nautical mile inner ring and 30-nautical mile outer ring, and will extend from the ground to 17,999 feet. To minimize the impact, these TFRs will be activated consecutively, with no overlap. The FAA also will set up corridor TFRs along the train route that the President-elect and other VIPs will travel.

Also during the weekend, President Bush is expected to travel to Camp David, creating additional flight restrictions, and on Sunday, Jan. 18, most waivers for the Washington FRZ will be suspended for pre-inauguration activities.

During the Jan. 20 inauguration itself, the entire Washington ADIZ will become a no-fly zone and pilots are strongly urged to remain well clear of the airspace.

Pilots who violate inauguration-related airspace restrictions are likely to be intercepted and face civil or criminal penalties as well as certificate suspension. For more information about airspace restrictions and flying in for the inauguration, see the FAA’s notams and AOPA’s online planning page.

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