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Tempest develops engine preservation systemTempest develops engine preservation system

In an effort to reduce engine oxidation, Tempest developed what it’s calling an engine preservation system. The AA1000 is an air pump that takes outside air, reduces the moisture with a specially designed desiccant material, and then pumps the dry air into the engine through the oil filler tube.

According to Tempest, “Water accumulation or condensation will cause oxidation within the engine, resulting in accelerated wear and abnormally high iron count on oil analysis reports. Humidity in the air that results in water contamination within the engine can cause an aircraft owner thousands of dollars over the life of an engine.”

The pump is designed for Lycoming and Continental engines. The pump desiccant material is reusable, and will turn from blue to pink when it needs to be serviced. This is done through a simple baking process, Tempest said. List price for the AA1000 is $235 and available from Tempest authorized distributors.

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