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Air Tractor introduces side-by-side ag trainerAir Tractor introduces side-by-side ag trainer

Air Tractor side-by-side ag trainerAir Tractor, the Texas-based maker of aerial application airplanes, recently introduced the AT-504, a two-place, side-by-side application and training aircraft. The airplane is based on the company’s popular AT-502B airframe, and carries 485 gallons of application material.

“The AT-504 performs very well as a spray plane, but offers another benefit as well,” said Air Tractor President Leland Snow. “It gives experienced pilots the ideal platform to more effectively pass on to newer pilots what they have learned from many years in the cockpit. Better training in a highly capable turbine airplane can help make our whole industry safer.”

The AT-504 is powered by a Pratt & Whitney PT6A-34AG turboprop engine. There are full dual flight controls, but both pilots share one set of avionics and instruments. According to Air Tractor, the AT-504 enjoys a high power-to-weight ratio that facilitates short takeoff rolls and impressive climb rates.

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