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Halt on new rules could affect ADIZHalt on new rules could affect ADIZ

D.C. ADIZWithin minutes of being sworn in, the Obama Administration put a hold on all new and pending regulations—a move that could affect implementation of a rule making the Washington, D.C., Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) permanent.

Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s White House chief of staff, on Jan. 20 issued a memo to the heads of executive departments and agencies asking them to stop moving forward with all regulations that have not yet been published or taken effect until they can be reviewed by the new administration. In some cases, agencies have been asked to reopen the comment period.

If the FAA determines a review is warranted, that could affect the plan to make the Washington, D.C., ADIZ into a permanent special flight rules area, which is scheduled to take effect on Feb. 17.

“AOPA has pledged to do all we can to stop the ADIZ from becoming permanent, and we encourage the new administration to seriously consider changes to the rule to reduce its impact on general aviation,” said Andy Cebula, AOPA executive vice president of government affairs. “The Transportation Security Administration’s Large Aircraft Security Program rules are not likely to be covered by the memo, but we hope the many concerns expressed in recent weeks will result in close scrutiny of that plan before it moves forward, as well.”

Elizabeth Tennyson

Elizabeth A Tennyson

Senior Director of Communications
AOPA Senior Director of Communications Elizabeth Tennyson is an instrument-rated private pilot who first joined AOPA in 1998.

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