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Arizona action alertArizona action alert


Action Alert

Arizona airports face a crisis as state officials wrangle over new budget cuts. In the last two years, lawmakers made huge raids on the state aviation fund to meet nonaviation needs in the budget. Now the governor proposes to take another 60% for the next fiscal year, leaving NO money for capital improvement, and NO money for pavement maintenance, setting the stage for a decline in safety and usability of runways across the state.

You can help reverse this dangerous neglect— Call Gov. Jan Brewer today at 602/542-4331, or toll-free at 800/253-0883, and tell her to preserve adequate funding for Arizona Airports!

  • Arizona airports cannot sustain this level of neglect without serious consequences to safety and the vitality of the aviation industry.
  • Aviation in Arizona contributes $38.5 billion to the state’s economy, and $1.8 billion in state tax revenue.
  • The proposed budget transfer of $14.6 million of aviation funds to nonaviation uses is seven times more than any other transportation fund transfer in the governor’s budget.

You can reach Governor Brewer at 602/542-4331, or toll-free at 800/253-0883

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