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AOPA ePilot Volume 11, Issue 27 — July 3, 2009

In This Issue:
Join AOPA’s Freedom to Fly campaign
AOPA Airports for BlackBerry, Windows Mobile
Registration opens for AOPA Aviation Summit

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Today's Top Stories

Join AOPA’s Freedom to Fly campaign

With good weather forecast for much of the United States this Fourth of July weekend, there’s no better time to join AOPA’s Freedom to Fly campaign. AOPA encourages you to take a nonpilot flying this weekend, not only to celebrate your freedom to fly, but also to share the joy of flight with someone else. Whether your flight takes place in the quiet early morning hours, during a picturesque sunset, or sometime in between, you’re sure to make a lasting impression on your passenger. After your flight, share your experience with us. We’re compiling an interactive map to show where AOPA members celebrated their freedom to fly. Here’s a glimpse of some of the sights already captured by pilots.

GA News

GA pilots could influence security measure

Members of Congress are calling on the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to formally work with the general aviation community to modify its controversial Large Aircraft Security Program (LASP). Since the TSA issued its notice of proposed rulemaking on the program in October, lawmakers have been objecting to the measures in letters, hearings, and proposed legislation. Now Rep. Charlie Dent (R-Pa.) has introduced a bill, the General Aviation Security Enhancement Act of 2009, that would require the agency to engage in negotiated rulemaking in order to find a solution for the LASP that does not impose costly security regulations on GA without justification. He introduced the bill, which AOPA supports, on June 26. Read more >>

Resolution would honor GA

Rep. Jeff Fortenberry (R-Neb.) has introduced a resolution in the House to recognize the contributions of the general aviation industry to the United States. Noting the many services GA provides—from aiding law enforcement to providing access to small communities—H.Res.508 also encourages GA activities. “Congressman Fortenberry recognizes the value of general aviation to the United States, and this resolution helps educate his colleagues about its contributions to the nation’s economy and transportation infrastructure,” said AOPA President Craig Fuller. Read more >>

Klapmeier seeks control of Cirrus Jet, Cirrus owners react

Alan Klapmeier, chairman of the board at Cirrus Design, says he’s had a heavy traveling schedule for the past eight weeks, seeking investors to help him gain control of the Cirrus SF50 Vision program. “I’ve spoken to more than a hundred potential investors,” Klapmeier said last week in an interview. Members of the Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association talked to AOPA about Klapmeier’s bid to control the SF50 Vision Jet project during the annual Migration, June 25 through 28, in Duluth, Minn. Read more >>

Taking the sting out of the 150/152’s rudder AD

The FAA has responded to an AOPA letter asking for an explanation of a June 17 airworthiness directive (AD) that addresses the Cessna 150/152 rudder assembly. Read more >>

Aviation safety expert tapped for NTSB

President Barack Obama announced June 24 that he will nominate veteran pilot and aviation safety expert Christopher A. Hart to be a member of the National Transportation Safety Board. Hart, who previously served on the board from 1990 to 1993, has been working at the FAA since 1995 to create processes to help identify and address potential safety issues before they cause mishaps. “We’ve worked with Chris over the years, both at the FAA and NTSB, and his experience will be a great asset to the cause of aviation safety,” said Bruce Landsberg, AOPA Air Safety Foundation president. Read more >>

NACO finalizes new chart distribution method

The National Aeronautical Charting Office is changing the way it distributes aeronautical charts, effective Oct. 1, to meet budget goals. Pilots should notice little difference. Read more >>

Goulian named top airshow performer

Boston-area airshow pilot Michael Goulian is to receive the airshow industry’s 2009 Bill Barber Award for Showmanship during this year’s EAA AirVenture at the end of July. He joins a list of distinguished airshow performers. Goulian grew up with aviation after his father Myron Goulian, a former crop duster and airline-training pilot, established Executive Flyers Aviation in Bedford, Mass., in 1964. Like his father, Goulian soloed by his sixteenth birthday and soon began aerobatic training. Read more >>

AOPA Airports for BlackBerry, Windows Mobile

AOPA Airports is now available for BlackBerry and touch screen Windows Mobile devices. Thanks to a joint venture with Hilton Software, members can download the applications for free by pointing their mobile device’s browser to: “Hilton Software’s WingX is an impressive product. We welcomed the opportunity to partner with such an innovative organization to develop an important new resource for our members,” said Chris O’Callaghan, AOPA Vice President of ePublishing. “We’ve received many requests for both BlackBerry and Windows Mobile versions of the Airport Directory.” Read more >>

Solar-powered airplane rolls out

A follow-on to the Solar Impulse electric airplane that rolled out in Switzerland in June may circle the world in 2012. The development model, unveiled by Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg, will fly at the end of 2009 and gather data for the final model. It can fly night and day using batteries and solar power. Read more >>

Frugal Flier

There are precious few circumstances in which pilots can cut their fuel burn, reduce costs, and extend the lives of their piston engines at the same time—but lean-of-peak engine operations is just such a rarity. Learn more in this AOPA Pilot article and accompanying video >>


CLARIFICATION: In the June 12 edition of ePilot, we featured helicopter pilot Mike Montgomery’s use of general aviation to sell spinal implants to hospitals and clients. He flies 750,000 miles per year on the airlines and 75,000 to 100,000 miles annually in his helicopter.


For daily news updates, see AOPA Online

Safety & Proficiency

Hosed! Did sloppy wash job cause Cirrus crash?

When you've got a dirty bird, a thorough sudsing can make it shine like new—or can cause some serious problems. On April 10, 2004, shortly after launching into IFR conditions, the pilot of a Cirrus SR22 saw his gauges displaying wildly erratic readings. Unable to execute an instrument approach back into the departure airport, the pilot deployed the airframe parachute at low altitude. The crash investigation led to a surprising discovery in the airplane's pitot-static system. Read more in this special report from the AOPA Air Safety Foundation. Also, watch how a Cirrus ballistic parachute system is deployed.

Top 10 things pilots should know about FSS

AOPA asked Lockheed Martin flight service specialists what they want pilots to know about the services offered. Take a look at the top 10 things you should know to speed your briefing.

Know before you go with updated airspace course

Planning to celebrate your freedom to fly this holiday weekend? A thorough understanding of airspace in your path will help keep that privilege from being revoked. Before you take to the sky, check out the newly updated Know Before You Go: Navigating Today's Airspace online course and related Safety Advisor from the AOPA Air Safety Foundation. Revised sections address restricted airspace, temporary flight restrictions, and the new special flight rules area surrounding the nation's capital. Your progress through the course is automatically saved, and the courses you've taken are conveniently tracked in your ASF Transcript.

Logbooks and logging time

Do you know when you can log your flight time as pilot in command? The FARs provide several situations in which two or more pilots may log PIC time, even though only one pilot can act as PIC. Do you know what they are? Find out in AOPA’s reformatted subject report, Logbooks and Logging Time, or call our aviation technical specialists at 800/872-2672 weekdays between 8:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. Eastern time.


Penn Valley Airport turns a new chapter

Free coffee. Great service. A friendly atmosphere. Reasonable prices. These are the ingredients for a great FBO, and that’s just what Heritage Aviation at the Penn Valley Airport in Selinsgrove, Pa., offers. Helping to save the airport—that’s an added benefit. The story is like so many that often end badly. The airport authority was more than $650,000 in debt, and the airport was on the verge of closing. The runway was in disrepair, the hangars were falling apart, and the equipment to mow and remove snow was broken. That’s when Heritage Aviation stepped in. Read more >>


AOPA Now: Making the connection

The GA Serves America campaign recently took AOPA President Craig Fuller to Arizona. On the flight back, he had to make a fuel stop in the unlikely town of Ponca City, Okla. Fuller met the mayor and touched base with a community that held deeply rooted family ties for him. Read more >>

Reporting Points: Pedestrians share Gibraltar runway

Gibraltar Airport, near the coast of Spain, is known for having the closest proximity to its host city of any major airport in the world: 1,600 feet. A city street crosses the runway, and often air traffic must be held for 10 minutes at a time for the runway to be cleared of pedestrians. A tunnel underneath the runway has just been finished, with the hope of alleviating congestion at the already cramped airport. Read more >>

Air Safety eJournal: Practical test standards

In his latest blog entry, AOPA Air Safety Foundation President Bruce Landsberg talks about practical test standards. The basics of flying haven’t changed, just the legalities. Read more >>

Hover Power: Main rotor systems

In his recent blog entry, Tim McAdams discusses the three basic helicopter rotor designs traditionally taught to student pilots: semi-rigid, fully articulated, and rigid. He also introduces a new system into discussion: the hingeless system. Read more >>

Let’s Go Flying: A real ‘Texan’ treat

The Airplane Kid, a high school student with a passion for aviation, takes his first flight in a vintage aircraft, an AT-6 Texan, and gets up-close looks at a Stearman biplane and a Piper Cub. Read more >>

member benefits

Registration opens for AOPA Aviation Summit

Join us as we celebrate 70 years of history during AOPA’s convention in Tampa, Fla., Nov. 5 through 7. This event, called AOPA Aviation Summit, offers more events and displays, and package plans at lower prices. This event will be everything you have come to expect (and more) from AOPA. Visit our aircraft display at the Peter O. Knight Airport, where you will find everything from vintage aircraft to light sport aircraft to seaplanes to helicopters. Be a part of the future of general aviation by participating in forums where you can share your opinions. Also, make plans to attend educational forums, participate in interactive opportunities on the show floor, and enjoy social events designed for the family. Register today to take advantage of discounted package pricing.

Buying an aircraft? AOPA Ownership Services can help

Purchasing an aircraft is an exciting and sometimes overwhelming occasion. You’ve found the perfect airplane. Now what? Most likely your first step will be securing the financing for your purchase. Financing your aircraft is simple through the AOPA Aircraft Financing Program. You’ll receive competitive rates and extended repayment terms. The online application process is speedy and simple. You could receive your approval the same day. As an extra bonus, the program will pay your AOPA membership dues for the life of your loan. Read more >>

Quiz Me

Here's a question asked by an AOPA member who contacted our aviation services staff through the AOPA Pilot Information Center. Test your knowledge.


Question: I am flying my family to visit relatives for the Fourth of July. I want to bring some fireworks in the aircraft, since they can't be purchased at our destination. Are there any regulations against this?


Answer: Carrying fireworks in an aircraft is prohibited by 49 CFR 173.50, which defines consumer grade fireworks as explosives. Fireworks are just one of many substances classified as hazardous that may not be carried onboard an aircraft. Read more about in AOPA's Subject Report, Transportation Of Hazardous Materials.


Got a question for our aviation services staff? The AOPA Pilot Information Center is a service available to all members as part of the annual dues. Call 800/872-2672, or e-mail to [email protected]. Send comments on our Quiz Me! questions to [email protected].

AOPA career opportunities

Ever dream of turning your passion for aviation into a career? We're looking for an Aviation Technical Specialist. To learn more about other AOPA career opportunities, visit AOPA Online.

Picture Perfect

AOPA's new online photo gallery allows you to upload your own aviation photography as well as view, rate, and comment on others' photos. Your favorite aviation images from AOPA Pilot are still available online through this new gallery. Take a look, and submit your own photos!

Aviation Events & Weather

Want something to do this weekend? Planning an aviation getaway? See your personalized online calendar of events . We've enhanced our calendar so that with one click, you can see all of the events listed in the calendar regions you selected when personalizing ePilot. Now you can browse events listed two weeks to a few months out to make your planning easier. You can also bookmark the personalized calendar page to check it as often as you want. Before you take off on an adventure, make sure you check our current aviation weather provided by Jeppesen.

To submit an event or to search all events in the calendar visit AOPA Online. For airport details, including FBO fuel prices see AOPA's Airport Directory Online.

Flight Instructor Refresher Clinics

The next AOPA Air Safety Foundation Flight Instructor Refresher Clinics are scheduled in Newark, N.J., July 11 and 12; Jacksonville, Fla., and Memphis, Tenn., July 18 and 19; Pittsburgh, Pa., July 25 and 26; Costa Mesa, Calif., Atlanta, Ga., and Champaign, Ill., Aug. 15 and 16. For a complete schedule, see AOPA Online.


Can't make it in person? Sign up for the CFI Refresher Online.

AOPA Air Safety Foundation Safety Seminars

AOPA Air Safety Foundation Safety Seminars are scheduled in Oshkosh, Wis., July 29, 30, and 31; Germantown, Tenn., Aug. 31; Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 1; Maryville, Tenn., Sept. 3. Topics vary—for details and a complete schedule, see AOPA Online.

Got news? Contact ePilot. Having difficulty using this service? Visit the ePilot Frequently Asked Questions now at AOPA Online or write to [email protected].

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