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ELITE S623 helicopter simulator certifiedELITE S623 helicopter simulator certified

elite simulationElite Simulation Systems of Orlando, Fla., has received FAA Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) certification for its ELITE S623 helicopter simulator.

The certification allows for the maximum flying hour credits that can be awarded to a helicopter FTD. This includes 20 hours flying credit toward the instrument rating, 25 hours toward the commercial rating, and 25 hours toward the ATP rating. The device can be used for instrument proficiency checks (IPCs) and instrument currency requirements, and 2.5 hours may go toward the helicopter private pilot certificate.

“In addition to being a fully capable IFR training device, the fidelity of the aerodynamics and precise functional cockpit details gives this trainer tremendous value in training to helicopter VFR practical test standards,” said Robert McGraw, president and CEO of FlyHelos, which is based in Sanford, Fla. “It is a great tool for risk management, crew resource management, and emergency procedures training that is not practical or cost effective in the actual aircraft.”

The S623 is a dual-control, single-engine turbine helicopter trainer designed and modeled after the Eurocopter AS 350. Optional equipment includes EFIS, GPS WAAS navigation, flight directors, and radar altimeter. A twin-engine turbine model is in development.

According to the company, the S623 simulator sells for a fraction of the cost of one helicopter—or about the cost of an annual inspection. For more information, visit the Web site.

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