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Archie League Medal of Safety AwardsArchie League Medal of Safety Awards

Archie League Medal of Safety Awards: Transcript. (Taken from

CONTROLLER JAY McCOMBS: Kalitta sixty six how do you hear?

PILOT: Kalitta six six … (unintelligible)

McCOMBS: Kalitta sixty six roger. You’re keying your mike and it’s staying on there frequently so please be careful.

PILOT: Kalitta six six, declaring emergency.

SECOND PILOT IN DIFFERENT PLANE: Sir, he’s declaring an emergency with his flight controls.

PILOT: Affirmative.

SECOND PILOT: Yes, sir, he said affirmative on that.

McCOMBS: Allright Kalitta sixty six, roger. What are your intentions.

PILOT: Request vectors Ypsilanti.

SECOND PILOT: Sir, he’s looking for vectors.

McCOMBS: Alright, Kalitta sixty six, I understand an emergency, you want a vector to Cincinnati. Is that correct?

PILOT: Negative. Vectors Ypsilanti.

SECOND PILOT: Ypsilanti.

McCOMBS: Ah, Kalitta sixty six are you able to maintain altitude. What assistance can I give you other than that vector?

PILOT: Unable to control altitude. Unable to control airspeed. Unable to control heading. Kalitta six six. Other than that, everything A-OK.

McCOMBS: OK, Kalitta sixty six understand you’re not able to control the aircraft. Is that correct?

PILOT: That is correct.

McCOMBS: Kalitta sixty six are you able to land at an airport that is closer to your position? Pittsburgh approximately five zero miles southwest of your position, Cleveland about eight zero miles northwest of your position.

PILOT: Prefer to land aircraft at destination airport as the aircraft is (unintelligible). No possible damage to any part of the aircraft (unintelligible). So we’re slowly, ever so slowly, regaining control the airspeed and the aircraft if we are given the time to slowly reengage.

McCOMBS: Kalitta sixty six if able descend and maintain flight level two six zero.

PILOT: Descending now to flight level two six zero, Kalitta six six.

McCOMBS: Ah, Kalitta sixty six, are you still requesting a vector for Ypsilanti?

PILOT: Affirmative. We sure are. Got the aircraft back under control.

McCOMBS (to someone else inside Cleveland Center) Kalitta sixty six can I vector him to the right? Try and hold on, we think he has hypoxia.

UNIDENTIFIED VOICE: Allright, to the right is approved.

McCOMBS: Allright thank you.

McCOMBS: Kalitta sixty six if able fly heading of three three zero.

PILOT: Three three zero.

McCOMBS: Kalitta sixty six, area of precipitation 11 o’clock and one five miles extends approximately three zero miles along the route of flight.

PILOT: OK, we see that. Looks like it’s (unintelligible).

SECOND PILOT: And roger, at eleven thousand Kalitta sixty six.

McCOMBS: Kalitta sixty six roger say intentions.

SECOND PILOT: And Kalitta sixty six. Destination Ypsilanti.

McCOMBS: Kalitta sixty six roger. Cleared to Ypsilanti via direct. Maintain one one thousand.

PILOT: OK … proceed direct Ypsilanti, Kalitta six six.

SECOND PILOT: And Kalitta sixty six, the aircraft is stable at this time.

McCOMBS: Kalitta sixty six roger. Again, maintain one one thousand. You are cleared direct Ypsilanti. Contact Cleveland Center one two zero, point seven seven.

SECOND PILOT: Twenty seven seven direct Yip, Kalitta sixty six.

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