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An ounce of prevention: GA Serves America FundAn ounce of prevention: GA Serves America Fund

AOPA has kept membership dues low, just $39 a year for the past 19 years! We’re proud of that record, but it also means we need to ask for your help when we face major challenges, as we do today.

AOPA is devoting considerable funds to develop a campaign to block user fees and promote an understanding of the important role general aviation plays in our economy. This program, General Aviation Serves America, is the most far-reaching lobbying and public relations effort in our 70-year history. But we cannot launch this initiative without your help. Please consider making a contribution to the campaign now.

General aviation, while cherished by those who fly, is neither understood nor appreciated by some decision makers around the country, especially when it comes to GA’s contributions to our nation’s economy. A footnote on page 131 of the president’s budget summary signals a drastic change in the history of aviation funding.

User fees in administration budget Click here for a larger image.

The administration believes the time has come to force user fees on GA. With the economy in trouble, lawmakers are looking at every avenue for raising money—even if it means crippling GA. The budget President Obama sent to Congress proposes a user charge for those who fly—a charge expected to generate more than $7 billion at our expense!

We have no choice. We must defend GA. While we have many strong allies in Congress in both parties, senators and congressmen will be under tremendous pressure to support the president’s budget without changes. This campaign will boost our allies and convert our skeptics, making them understand that, in these difficult economic times, GA provides far too much economic benefit to America to be compromised.

Times are tough, but user fees imposed in a bad economy don’t go away when the economy improves. Experience in other countries has shown that once user fees are part of the aviation funding system, they continue to expand, eventually crushing GA under their weight.

We can win this fight, but the sooner we act, the more effective we’ll be. We need financial support to get our message out. You can contribute right now! Or, if you prefer, send a check to the AOPA GA Serves America Fund. All funds raised for the GA Serves America Fund will be used solely for this important education effort.

Please consider giving whatever you can afford: $5, $50, $500, or more will make a huge difference.

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