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Flying - underwater!Flying - underwater!

Triton 1000 submarineEver want to take your three-dimensional navigation skills to a whole new level? Then check out the Triton 1000, now on display in the AOPA Aviation Summit exhibition hall.

The Triton 1000 is one of four different personal submarine designs manufactured by Triton Submarines LLC of Vero Beach, Fla. A Triton spokesman says that the $2 million submarine is aimed at a niche market—those with large yachts and a yen to collect ever more high-tech toys. A promotional shot shows a helicopter perched on the top deck of yacht, and a Triton on the fantail.

Triton makes two- or three-man subs that can go as deep as 3,300 feet. The subs have a hydraulically actuated claw, redundant safety systems, and thrusters for maneuvering. Also aboard are backup oxygen and battery systems. If all else fails and you’re stranded on the bottom, you can jettison the 400-pound claw assembly and head for the surface. Typical endurance times are in the six- to eight-hour range, but yet another emergency system lets you extend submerged time to as much as 72 hours.

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