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Virtual HUD not so virtualVirtual HUD not so virtual

VirtualHUD - new Heads Up DisplayThink those military heads-up displays are really cool? Now you can get one for your airplane thanks to VirtualHUD, a new company with a unique concept.

VirtualHUD is an attitude indicator, heading indicator, airspeed indicator, and highway-in-the-sky projected onto a propeller. The hardware is simply a projector that is available either as an installed unit or as a portable that has an independent AHRS to supply the flight data information. With a quick and easy install, the $3,295-unit supplies all the critical flight information right in front of the pilot’s eyes in the most unusual of places.

As an added benefit, VirtualHUD includes a video input that enables it to overlay video onto the display, making enhanced vision almost seem like the real world.

It’s one of the many products on display this week at AOPA Aviation Summit in Tampa, Fla.

Ian J. Twombly

Ian J. Twombly

Ian J. Twombly is senior content producer for AOPA Media.

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