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Adirondack Airspace Complex not necessary, AOPA says

The Northeast has some of the busiest airspace in the country, and AOPA doesn't want the Air National Guard taking unnecessary chunks from general aviation.

The proposed Adirondack Airspace Complex near Fort Drum, New York, would be located less than 150 nautical miles from the Condor Military Operations Area (MOA), which the military also wants to expand. In formal comments, AOPA said one MOA would suffice for all of the proposed aerial operations.

The Adirondack proposal also includes a dynamic airspace concept, which would allow the military to only use parts of the complex without making the entire chunk of airspace active. While AOPA does not oppose the dynamic airspace concept, neither the FAA nor the proposal offers any guidance on how the military would design or manage this. AOPA is meeting with the FAA this week to voice its concerns.

August 10, 2007

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