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AOPA Air Safety Foundation's "Maneuvering Flight" now available as a Seminar-in-a-Box(R)AOPA Air Safety Foundation's "Maneuvering Flight" now available as a Seminar-in-a-Box(R)

AOPA Air Safety Foundation's "Maneuvering Flight" now available as a Seminar-in-a-Box®

June 2, 2004 - The AOPA Air Safety Foundation's acclaimed live safety seminar, "Maneuvering Flight," is now available as a Seminar-in-a-Box®, allowing flying clubs and other pilot groups to hold their own safety seminar. "Maneuvering Flight" explores the hazards of low-level maneuvering flight, including such seemingly innocuous situations as normal traffic pattern operations.

ASF Seminar-in-a-Box® kits are available to any individual pilot or pilot groups for a shipping and handling fee of $24.95. A special Seminar-in-a-Box® button on the Air Safety Foundation home page ( leads to full information on the various programs available.

"Pilots will come away with great insights on avoiding maneuvering flight accidents," said ASF Executive Director Bruce Landsberg. "But more than that, they'll learn to understand the often forgotten edges of the flight envelope where every pilot operates during every flight."

Maneuvering flight has been the leading cause of fatal accidents for general aviation pilots in recent years. The dramatic one-hour free seminar addresses accident causes resulting from aerobatics, aerial work, and formation flying and such dangerous and illegal activities as buzzing.

The "Maneuvering Flight" Seminar-in-a-Box® includes everything a presenter would need to host the seminar - a DVD to help get the discussion going, a presenter's guide, printed Safety Advisors, brochures on the AOPA Air Safety Foundation Web site, and registration cards.

Individual copies of the Maneuvering Flight DVD are available separately through Sporty's Pilot Shop ( for $19.95. A portion of the proceeds benefit the AOPA Air Safety Foundation.


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