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"FIRCs for Everyone" takes off"FIRCs for Everyone" takes off

"FIRCs for Everyone" takes off

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AOPA member Jackie Forsting

Apr. 8, 2004 - Pilots taking advantage of a new program allowing non-instructors to attend AOPA Air Safety Foundation weekend Flight Instructor Refresher Clinics (FIRCs) are calling them "the greatest safety seminars on earth!"

The "FIRCs for Everyone" program debuted last year, allowing regular pilots to rub elbows with some of the nation's most experienced certificated flight instructors (CFIs) for a weekend and absorb the latest valuable aviation safety information. A special tuition of just $99 applies for non-CFIs.

"The seminar presenters were just fantastic!" reported Jackie Forsting, an active southern California pilot who attended the ASF "FIRCs for Everyone" in Ontario, California, recently. "I could see plenty of surprised looks when instructors all around me had their misconceptions punctured about logging PIC time and when a medical is and isn't required. The ASF presenters really brought in the human side of aviation."

Air Safety Foundation FIRCs have traditionally been the avenue of choice for flight instructors to renew their FAA teaching certificates every two years. The two-day sessions - now open to all pilots - help bring CFIs up to date on the latest in regulations, airspace issues, aerodynamics, navigation, teaching techniques, and other aviation matters.

"I thoroughly enjoyed it and found it worthwhile!" said Forsting. "Thanks for the opportunity for non-CFIs to participate - and when I do become that licensed CFI, rest assured that ASF seminars will be highlighted with my students."

Information and the full AOPA Air Safety Foundation "FIRCs for Everyone" schedule are available online.


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