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Pilot, popular TV anchor dies

The so-called "flying professor" and popular Los Angeles TV journalist has died. Hal Fishman was 75. He passed away on August 7 from an infection after recently being diagnosed with colon cancer.

Fishman anchored the KTLA-TV Channel 5 evening newscast and was known for his passion in covering news with substance. According to the station, he was the longest-running anchor in TV history. He received an AOPA Presidential Citation in 1997 for being a "national leader in objective, stimulating, and knowledgeable reporting on general aviation for the general, nonaviation audience."

Fishman started flying in 1964 and owned several airplanes, which he used to cover the news. He happened to be flying in the area when Mount St. Helens blew in 1980 and was the only Los Angeles-based anchor to be "on the scene" when it happened. He broke several world speed records.

Fishman was a close friend of AOPA Pilot contributor Barry Schiff and the duo wrote two novels together. Fishman appeared in the aviation movie One Six Right. Read the "Pilots" feature from the magazine. You can share your memories and view a gallery on KTLA's Web site.

August 8, 2007

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