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Production begins for newest ASF safety seminar on using GPSProduction begins for newest ASF safety seminar on using GPS

Production begins for newest ASF safety seminar on using GPS

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Video director Sandy Fuller (left) tapes
Joseph "J.J." Walter and Warren "Geezer"
RauHofer as they stride toward the airplane.

Apr. 5, 2004 - Production for the AOPA Air Safety Foundation's newest seminar is under way. "GPS: Beyond Direct-To" will begin its nationwide tour in mid-May. It will delve into the fun and foibles of GPS, providing little-known tricks for getting the most out of today's advanced units.

The seminar will also help pilots avoid potentially dangerous mistakes as they adapt to the new technology and give an overview of the whole new world of advanced navigation systems.

"GPS: Beyond Direct-To" will use several revealing video clips of a young, enthusiastic pilot named "J.J.," who lives and breathes GPS technology, and an older, more experienced pilot, affectionately nicknamed "Geezer," who is wary of putting all his eggs in one electronic basket. At times humorous, the video clips show both sides of the enduring question, "How should modern technology be balanced with basic navigational skills?" "Geezer," by the way, is a retired major airline captain.

Most of the video was shot on an idyllic private grass strip just north of Apex, N.C., graciously provided by longtime AOPA member and Air Safety Foundation donor Vernon L. Cox.

A list of dates and locations for "GPS: Beyond Direct-To" and the rest of the Air Safety Foundation's free safety seminars is available online.


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