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Flight plan computer system failsFlight plan computer system fails

The FAA has informed AOPA that the computer system for processing flight plans has failed, hampering the processing of all IFR and VFR flight plans.

The system is beginning to return to service. However, it is still not fully operational. All flight plans are still being manually input until 1600 Zulu. AOPA continues to monitor and participate in a nationwide teleconference that is developing contingency plans to keep the system moving.

The National Airspace Data Interchange Network (NADIN) is used for data interchange within the United States, and between the U.S. and other nations to communicate flight plans for commercial and general aviation, as well as weather and advisory notices to pilots. The system failed at approximately 6:30 a.m. Eastern. Expect delays to compound east-to-west as peak travel periods occur until the problem is solved and NADIN is back on-line.

Currently flight plans are being manually processed and sent to the appropriate air traffic control facilities by telephone and fax 30 minutes before an aircraft’s scheduled departure time. Be advised that VFR flight plans are receiving the lowest priority.

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