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Gulf of Mexico off-shore helipads to get AWOSGulf of Mexico off-shore helipads to get AWOS

Helicopter operators flying to oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico will soon have access to more weather information. All Weather Inc., a manufacturer of automated weather information systems and meteorological sensors, announced that significant milestones have been reached in the Gulf of Mexico relating to its work with ITT Corporation to supply 35 automated weather observation systems (AWOS).

All Weather Inc. will provide the installation of the FAA-certified AWOS systems to be located on oil pumping platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. All Weather Inc.’s effort includes site surveys, engineering, production, and installation over the next year, as well as maintenance of the systems for 15 years.

The remaining 21 of the 35 AWOS system sites in the Gulf are scheduled for installation and commissioning in the near future.

Jason Hall, president of All Weather Inc., said, “We are very happy with the progress in the Gulf to date and look forward to a rapid deployment of the remaining sites. We are committed to bringing accurate and current weather reporting to the aviation community especially for the hundreds of daily helicopter operations in the Gulf region.”

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