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Safety seminar to review Hudson Corridor proceduresSafety seminar to review Hudson Corridor procedures

The recent midair collision over the Hudson River was a rare tragedy, but it points to an issue that deserves attention—flying safely in crowded skies.

A special safety seminar sponsored by AOPA, the AOPA Air Safety Foundation, and the FAA will be offered Sept. 15 in Newark, N.J., and on the Web to address the accident, collision avoidance, and the future procedures for the Hudson River Class B exclusion zone. Join AOPA Air Safety Foundation President Bruce Landsberg for “Tight Spots: Collision Avoidance in the Hudson Corridor.”

The seminar will cover the NTSB’s preliminary accident report, best practices for operating in the Hudson River Class B exclusion zone, and proven strategies for steering clear of other aircraft. The seminar also will give you an “educated look” into what future flights in the exclusion area could look like. The FAA recently released recommendations to enhance safety in the Hudson corridor and plans to implement its changes by Nov. 19.

The FAA recommendations, released Sept. 2, would restructure the airspace in the Hudson River Class B exclusion zone; make current best practices mandatory; standardize New York area charts; and develop new training for pilots, air traffic controllers, and businesses that operate helicopters and aircraft in the area. The plan also would create a new entry point into the Hudson River airspace from Teterboro.

A major recommendation in the plan would divide the Class B exclusion zone into altitude corridors that separate transient aircraft flying through the corridor from those operating to and from local heliports or seaplane bases. Other recommendations would set speeds at 140 knots or less; require pilots to turn on anti-collision devices, position or navigation equipment and landing lights; and require pilots to announce when they enter the area and to report their aircraft description, location, direction, and altitude.

Find out more about operating safely in crowded airspace by attending “Tight Spots: Collision Avoidance in the Hudson Corridor.” Air traffic controllers and experienced fixed-wing and helicopter corridor pilots will be on hand to answer questions at the free seminar, which will take place from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at the Holiday Inn Newark Airport, 160 Frontage Road, Newark, NJ 07114.You can watch the seminar for free online. Register to participate in the online Webinar today.

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