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Has 'autoland' landed?Has 'autoland' landed?

Glass cockpits, once a technology new to general aviation aircraft, have filtered into all types of aircraft, from business jets to trainers to light sport aircraft. And if you thought glass cockpits were cool, wait until you see what new technologies are on the horizon.

Synthetic vision, enhanced vision, automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast, autoland, and digital parachutes are some of the emerging technologies that AOPA Pilot Editor in Chief Thomas B. Haines will discuss with industry leaders at AOPA Aviation Summit on Friday, Nov. 6, during the morning Summit Session in the Tampa Convention Center.

Bill Stone, product development manager of Garmin; Tim Taylor, president and CEO of FreeFlight Systems; and David Vos, senior director of control technologies of Rockwell Collins, will join Haines in discussing these future technologies.

During the session, you’ll not only get to hear about the new technologies but watch a video demonstration of each subject area.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to glimpse into the future of GA! Register for AOPA Aviation Summit, Nov. 5 through 7, in Tampa, Fla.

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