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FAA makes corrections to sport pilot ruleFAA makes corrections to sport pilot rule

The FAA has issued corrections to its rule regarding the certification of aircraft and airmen for light sport aircraft operation. The rule, and corrections, go into effect April 2.

The agency has removed the requirement for an individual to receive a make and model endorsement to operate various aircraft within a specific set of LSA. (The requirement was removed by deleting Sections 61.319 and 61.323 and amending Section 61.317.) This allows pilots who receive one endorsement for a specific set of aircraft to fly all aircraft within that set.

Another correction would require pilots operating under a sport pilot certificate to receive training and an endorsement to operate light sport airplanes with a maximum level flight speed (Vh) less than 87 KCAS. The FAA issued the change because of safety concerns regarding pilots who had little experience flying slow, high-drag airplanes.

Topics: Pilot Training and Certification, Light Sport Aircraft

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