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AOPA Airports: the next-generation airport directory

AOPA launched a new version of its online airport directory, called AOPA Airports, during the Sun ‘n Fun fly-in April 13.

AOPA Airports features a simplified presentation of information collected from airport managers, business managers, pilots, and the FAA. With fewer clicks needed to reach the important airport and business information pilots seek, AOPA Airports is much faster to use than the old online airport directory.

A key feature of the new design is convenience. After conducting pilot focus groups and surveys, the association found that most members wanted a more convenient approach to airport directory accessibility. As a result, pilots can access AOPA Airports by searching AOPA Online, and via Google and other search engines. Pilots need not be logged in to AOPA Online to access AOPA Airports. Despite the accessibility change to the online directory, the AOPA Airports mobile applications will remain exclusive to AOPA members.

Nearly all features of the old airport directory have been carried over to AOPA Airports. The MyProcedures feature is now available in the format of an airport favorites list. The ever-popular kneeboard format was enhanced so that images would not overlap text—a problem reported in the past with some airport listings. AOPA Airports also introduces the ability to print all approach procedures for an airport with one click, and on one, multi-page PDF document.

The search page was another area that AOPA sought to simplify. The AOPA Airports search feature functions similarly to a Google search. Pilots may key in terms such as “customs,” “glider,” “heliport,” or “seaplane” to refine their search within AOPA Airports. Users can also filter searches by selecting a state, a radius, or runway length minimum; or by checking one or more of the boxes on the advanced search page.

AOPA Airports was built from the ground up, with emphasis on developing a flexible application that can accommodate new features as pilots ask for them. New resources become available on the Web every day, and AOPA Airports was designed to keep up with pilot demand.

Much of new online airport directory is the result of feedback AOPA has received from member-pilots. The development of AOPA Airports will be an ongoing process shaped by continuing feedback from AOPA members and the aviation community.

Please feel free to visit AOPA Airports, the new online airport directory. Suggestions and feedback may be directed to AOPA.

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